How to Check Website Worth

Posted by quickmakingmoney on Saturday, March 23, 2019

If you plan to sell your website, you need to analyze your website worth by using website reference to measure the selling price of your website on the market. After you know the price of your website, you can start to sell your website on Flippa, learn more about How to sell website on Flippa

How to Check website Worth

Site Price evaluates as much as possible from traffic & revenue websites (daily unique visitors, daily page views, average time on site, daily ads revenue, monthly ads revenue, yearly ads revenue), Site Visibility (Google pagerank, Google Index, Yahoo Index, Bing Index , Alexa Index, website speed), Social Media Visibility, Backlinks, SEO Checker & SEO Analyzer report (up to the top 5 SEO keywords that provide the highest traffic).

Webuka is a company with development services of technology. On this website, Webuka also provides a feature on the website to be able to measure the value of a website with 3 points, namely the number of daily visitors, ad revenue and market prices from the overall website analysis.

Website Worth Of Web, besides being able to measure the selling value of a website, there are also many important information and tips about developing a website. How to measure the value of a website is also fast even though the prices displayed are very general without detailed values such as traffic, content, ads, etc.
March 23, 2019

Make Money With Flippa

Posted by quickmakingmoney on is the no.1 website for sale and purchase in the world. Previously Flippa was named SitePoint MarketPlace in 2005. Then it changed its name to Flippa in June 2009. Flippa has 90,000 registered users selling and buying websites on Flippa. There are more than 1,000 transactions every minute.
make money with flippa

At, we can not only buy and sell websites but also mobile applications. The buying and selling system in Flippa is in the form of auction bidding for a certain period of time. The prices sold also vary from as low as $ 1 to $ 50,000. In the table view, you will see the selling price (Price) offered by the seller, the number of people who are interested and the price to buy (Bids) and the end of the sale (Ending).

How to price your website for sale?

1. Domain Name

Domain names sold on Flippa are usually unique and are keywords in the Google Search Engine. Why is this important? The better and easier to remember, domain names have higher value.

2. Traffic (Analytics)

Most important check the traffic unique monthly visitors and unique monthly page view on Google Analytics. The higher your traffic (up to millions up), the higher the selling price. Also write Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank.

3. Revenue (Financials)

Well, this is one of the determining factors also for prospective buyers to see whether the website has monetized or not. If you have, explain from the source of income, whether Adsense, Ad Sales, Subcription etc.

Tips for Selling on Flippa:

  • Selling websites that already have earnings or profits from PPC or Affiliate. Adjust the selling price with the monthly earnings / profits that the website has produced.
  • Selling websites that have good rankings, especially on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Having high traffic and a domain that has a high PageRank will be even better because prices can be raised.
  • Selling websites with high visual design and unique content. The more unique the contents of your website, the price website will be higher. Unique domain names or keywords contain also a high selling price factor.
  • Listing your websites from 3 to 7 days only let me not be too long and try to right a listing ending the weekend as the number of buyers who hunt more and automated website listing opportunities considered by prospective buyers is increasing.
  • Give a bonus to the winner BID / BIN such as: free hosting for 3 months, free website transfer, free seo services or full support for 3 months.
March 23, 2019

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