How to Make Money on Youtube

Posted by quickmakingmoney on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How to Make Money on Youtube 

how to make money on youtube

Make money on youtube is the simplest way of all and needs no investment. Youtube grew and developed into one of money machine for a number of people, From children to adults, many people use youtube to earn money. You do this by becoming content creator or youtuber. One well-known figure is Felix Kjellberg, the owner of Youtube channel PewDiePie has earned 12 million dollars in 2017 from single Youtube channel.

How to make money on youtube? Daily Star wrote step by step simply.

First step is to get and improve the viewer and subscriber. There are 5 billion videos that are seen every day by 300 million Youtube visitors. To reach that target, you need interesting content and upload it regularly. If you have many visitors, then the ad will come soon.There are two ways to make money on advertising. First, Cost per click (CPC). Advertisers will pay based on the number of clicks on the ad.

Second, Cost Per View (CPV). Advertisers pay based on the number of ad impressions. Advertisers will pay if the ad is watched for at least 30 seconds or after duration of ad. All of that has stages that must be passed. Ads will come to your youtube videos if we activate the monetization option. The ad will appear at the beginning of the video, in the middle video or form of a pop up. To get this, Youtube channel must have at least 10 thousand views. Earnings from YouTube ads are around US $ 1,5 per 1.000 views. If we have one million views, then we will get US$1.500. The more views the more income into the account.

Another way is to make videos that promote products or companies. The income nominal depends on the number of visitors. Usually the rates charged US $ 10.000 per 100 thousand views.

To get this income, beginner Youtuber need to load short videos, easy to remember, and original. In addition, it is necessary to use other social media to spread content and interact with YouTube channel visitors.

Suitable For

Youtube is suitable for people who love create videos , shoot documentaries or short films.

Skill Required

Youtube requires ability to record a video and create a video using video editing software.
March 12, 2019

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